Through the depth of mind, you'll find an answer.

(by Lacrima Maxima)

Many questions asked by people made me write this page, in order to explain a little more the artistic  approch we had when we gave birth to LGADS.

As it is explained in the band presentation page, LGADS has been created to put music on Jordan and Corentin's writings that were found on their weblogs. In these blogs, those two young mens write, without thinking, what they are feeling at the very present moment. The resulting texts are mostly very hard to read and to follow, as they are written in an instinctive way. But, they carries pure, untouched emotions, that were not yet altered by any kind of structural or grammatical rule. Those rules which make a text more readable, but eventually deeply modify the emotions carried in the text.
These pure emotions that we felt when reading the texts are exactly what we want to describe musically.

So, considerations about the support for these emotions, i.e. the texts themselves, are quite pointless : our intention in the band is not to give a political  message, but only to describe emotions, such that the listener might feel them, or at least have a preview of them. I think this is the major aim of every artist to make the audience feel emotions. Different ways can be used to achieve this. Our is simply to throw pure emotion to the public. The texts themselves are only a support for these emotions.